Object Learning with Natural Language in a Distributed Intelligent System - A Case Study of Human-Robot Interaction

Stefan Heinrich, Pascal Folleher, Peer Springstübe, Erik Strahl, Johannes Twiefel, Cornelius Weber, Stefan Wermter

Conference: Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE First International Conference on Cognitive Systems and Information Processing (CSIP2012), pp. 811-819, Dec 2012


Abstract: The development of humanoid robots for helping humans as well as for understanding the human cognitive system is of significant interest in science and technology. How to bridge the large gap between the needs of a natural human-robot interaction and the capabilities of recent humanoid platforms is an important but open question. In this paper we describe a system to teach a robot, based on a dialogue in natural language about its real environment in real time. For this, we integrate a fast object recognition method for the NAO humanoid robot and a hybrid ensemble learning mechanism. With a qualitative analysis we show the effectiveness of our system.