CoCoCo, Coffee Collecting Companion

Anne Rubruck, Azad Aminian, Jyothi Yalpi, Paul Hanzal, Sascha Winde, Sathya Kuppusami, Sohaib Younis, Stefan Thomas, Erik Strahl, Johannes Bauer, Jorge Dávila-Chacón, Stefan Heinrich, Stefan Wermter

Conference: Proceedings of the 8th AAAI Video Competition at the 28th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-14), Québec, CA, Jan 2014

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Abstract: The dissemination of robotic technologies for domestic purpose is the main criteria of this video. The goal of our project is to emphasize on how the Human-Robot Interaction, Vision, Navigation and Behaviour features the purpose of robotics in domestic environment. A simple task for humans yet difficult to implement on robots was to navigate from Kitchen to different other rooms in search of used cups. The project was made more simpler without segmenting the cups in the scene, rather interact with the user in the room and ask for used cups. The video gives details about the algorithms, methods and the performance of the experiment which is done in a known environment.

Nominated in the category for Best Robot Video Award